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How can we let ourselves being invaded by clutter? Clutter
seems to be growing while we are asleep, silently,  and one morning we wake up and see it all
there… and this is not good! We have to find a way to get rid of any clutter,
and for good!

Yes, clutter is bad for us, in many ways. It creates stale
energy in our houses, it is ugly and useless. So it is a good idea to keep our
eyes opened and fight against it daily!

Why do we keep things, and make them into clutter? Well, we
think, “Oh but I might need this!” but the truth is that we don’t.  

  1. Start by looking around you and ask yourself
    when was the last time you used the items you see and have to determine if it
    belongs to the clutter category. If it was more than 6 months a year ago, then
    chances are that it now has become clutter and should be discarded. 
  2. There are also the objects that we feel obliged
    to keep because they were given to us at Christmas by friends or family.
    Because Auntie Beth gave you the ugly vase, you felt you had to keep it, just
    in case she would notice. I think it is important to only surround ourselves by
    things we love and that we find beautiful. So, if Auntie Beth vase doesn’t
    match this definition, it might be time to give it to somebody who will love it
    more than you!  
  3. To make it a natural and easy task I would advise
    you to get one or two boxes that will have their own space in the house and
    that you will empty once a week or once a month according to the needs. In
    these boxes, you will put the objects that you gather in your house and that
    you have identified as potential clutter. While the item stays in the box, it
    is reassuring as you know that “just in case you’d need it” it is still there…
    and after a month you will know you don’t need it and will be happy to pass it
    on. Keep these boxes at all time, so you can carry on getting rid of clutter
    before it becomes invading clutter.

De-cluttering will free your space and your mind so
powerfully that when it is done you will wonder why you didn’t do it earlier!
Believe me, it really does feel good!

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