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I know some Estate agent are very comfortable selling houses
on the first day of the viewing at the moment here in London, but this
situation may not last for ever, and even if the sales are easy there is always
a way to sell better and  aster your house.

I am always shocked to notice that some houses from the
cheapest to the grandest are too often extremely badly presented. Rooms are
cluttered with furniture and other things, colours are so vibrant that they are
the only focus in the room, and so on.

When you are about to sell your house it is important to present it in such a way that any potential buyer is going to be able to see
him/herself living in the house. And this is not possible when the house is strongly
carrying the personality of the current inhabitants. However much you believe
your house is beautiful and has this great character, this is not what a
potential buyer needs to see.

This is why before your house go on the market, you have to
prepare it so it is ready and presented in the best way.  So how do we do this, you wonder!

Here are a few tips: first of all, make sure that any
started little jobs are finished. For example if you started building a fence
in the garden, but got stopped in the middle of it, now is a good time to
finish this, as even the garden is important for viewers.

The second thing is to remove any sort of clutter. Yes, we
all are victims of clutter, all these little things that keep invading our
house, without us being aware of it. So, moving house is the best time to get
rid of things you haven’t used for a long time. You don’t necessarily need to
bin them some may find their way to a charity shop and others you can sell or
give away.

Make sure the house looks absolutely spotless, have the
tiles re-grouted if necessary, shampoo or change the carpet.

If your house has a strong personality, then you have to
remove the personality and change the strong paint for a natural, neutral
colour. Something smart and light, that will encourage potential buyers to see
themselves moving into the house.

You can also shuffle the furniture so it gives the best
impression of the house, so the traffic flow Is at its best.

And if you are selling an empty property, then renting nice
furniture to show how the space could be used is also a very good idea.

So, you can see, selling your house needs preparation, so
you can sell your house faster and for more. There have been studies showing
that home-staged house do sell much faster than un-staged ones, and the price
they are sold for can often go over the asking price.

Of course, if you are not sure about how to do this
yourself, ask a professional! We do provide this service: after visiting your
house we provide you with a report describing all the things you have to do in
your particular case, and if you still feel uncertain we can come to your house
and help you implementing. So, don’t leave it to chance!

by Emmanuelle Lemoine

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