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What curtains for my window?

Curtains: people like them or hate them!

I tend to like curtains as they define the overall atmosphere for a room. Lavish curtains will go well in a luxurious traditional interior, whereas sleek blinds will complete a modern setting. So, it is important to make the curtains part of the scheme, so it completes and wrap up the décor you wants to create.

Of course, curtains are not the same in warm and colder countries. If you live in a cold place, having heavy curtains to draw in the winter times, when it is dark and freezing cold outside, is a good way to create an intimate and warm feeling. On the other hand, if you live in a warmer place, then curtains are less needed, and can be used in order to provide some shade, and prevent the house to see its temperature go sky high!

Curtains can also be used in order to correct an awkward shape of a window. For example, if you have a narrow window, you can make it appear bigger: You could have a wider display of the curtains on one side of the window, as if the curtains were covering part of the window.

Curtains can be a big expense in the decoration budget, but it is important to resist making false economy by buying cheap tracks; always get an integrated corded set or pulleys so you avoid damaging your curtains when drawing them. If your budget is limited, do not reduce the quantities of fabric, as it would make your curtains look cheap. It is better to choose a cheaper fabric and use the right quantity of fabric. It also is possible to make curtains that are not supposed to be drawn in front of the window, but which are going to stay on each side of the window, providing a lovely frame. Then use a cheap roller or roman blind to block the light. The use of trimming can be very effective as well, and take a plain curtain to another dimension.

I hope this is helpful, and don’t hesitate to ask me your questions and remember that we provide window treatment services as well.

by Emmanuelle Lemoine

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