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This sounds a weird question to ask as our interiors should be our safe place. Our house protect us from the outside, bad weather, cold and hot temperatures, people we don’t know etc. So, when we think about how our interior can be not healthy, it is a worrying question.

As our houses are built more and more tightly and as the ventilation is too often not efficient, there is an accumulation of different substance inside our house. Plus whenever we bring a new item in our interior that contains toxic molecules, these toxic molecules will off gas slowly into our house changing the quality or the air we breathe.  Some studies have shown that the air inside new built houses is 10 times more polluted then outside! This always gives me the shivers, just imagining that the air I breathe when I cycle behind a bus may still be better than what I breathe in my house…

So there is a problem here, which has been studied with the emergence of bad air quality linked illnesses. And we have to address this problem, for ourselves and for our family. This is why we have to be extremely vigilant with whatever we bring inside our house. We have to make sure that we know what this item is made off. For example, particle boards are linked with formaldehyde (a now recognised carcinogen), which is contained in the glues that holds the particles together.

Be careful when you paint inside your house and always use zero VOCs paints as paint are a major source of pollution.

Without us knowing we have ourselves created a bad indoor air quality in our houses and it is time to fight against this. There are easy solutions to implement straight away, and one of them is by using green plants. Which plants will be detailed in another post.

In the meantime, if this subject interests you, sign to one of my upcoming webinar about “How to make an elegant interior healthy and eco-friendly”. You will find the dates and the link to the registration page on my website under “What’s on”.
by Emmanuelle Lemoine

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