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1. Understand you: We need to understand you and your project so we can propose the best and unique solution for your interior. Taking the Brief is the first step allowing us to understand the scope of your project, what your aim is, what is it that you want to achieve, what style you like and what you don’t like, the colors you feel happy with, your lifestyle and your needs.
2. Design analysis: We carry on a measured survey, and survey every room included in your project in order to assess what we need to do to create the best design. We use these data to draw a plan to scale, and prepare a furniture layout, a lighting plan. We start the sourcing stage and include relevant eco-friendly/healthy solution where needed and where possible.
3. Sourcing stage: This is the stage where you decide what you will allow to enter into your house, so there is a list of question to answer before including a product into your scheme:          

Does it contain toxic molecules? (Get the MSDS, when possible)
Energy/water efficiency (Always check the efficiency and favorise the most efficient ones.)
Where does it come from? (sourced locally?)
Where does it go? (can it biodegrade or be re-used/recycled?)
Can it trigger any sort of allergy, etc.

4. Propose a design: This includes the furniture layout that suits your requirements, the different elements needed for your project. Everything is presented on a sample board so you can have a real feel of what we have prepared for you, and we can include some renderings to help you have a better vision of the use of the space.

5. Improve the design and propose the budget and timeframe: According your feedback, we can improve the design, and we finish the sourcing stage by including all the necessary details. We present you the design for approval.

With the design ready, we chase the quotes for every item, invite the relevant trades to give us their quote, and we prepare an easy to follow budget showing all the expenses for your project. We propose an inclusive plan of how and when the work is going to be done, with a starting date and a provisional end date.
6. Implement the proposed design: We order what is necessary, organise and supervise the trade to do their job according to a precise order as noted in the plan. We check the progress of the work and resolve any problem that might arise.
7. Snagging and delivering: We check a final time all the work and review the finishes before we deliver you the finished work.

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