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Have you ever wondered what happens to a showroom or a shop fabric sample once trends change? I might just guess your answer…. no 
To be honest I haven’t either …until a few days ago! 
I was perusing though the Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour 
and while I was smitten by the array of fabrics on display in the various showrooms and the mountain high of sampling catalogues, a little voice in my head questioned what would happen to all those gorgeous fabrics once no longer trendy? 
And then I imagined … they wouldn’t certainly be placed in orange (Sainburys) plastic bag by one of the impeccably dressed showroom assistant and taken down to the closer clothes recycling bank? Or could they be sold as bundles of patchwork fabrics by a small shop in the middle of nowhere?  
I certainly couldn’t live with this dilemma…. Therefore I decided to investigate! 
A few emails later I had answers. I was very impressed by the efficiency on how quickly I received a reply, which made me feel I wasn’t asking a very stupid question after all. 
I have been bias though as I only approached the showrooms with fabrics that attracted my attention: 
told me that all their ex-display pieces go back to Head Office to be used for sampling or get sent onto their worldwide distributors to be used in their showrooms.  
Harlequin and Scio 
Give their samples to charity and schools. 
as well gives the samples to charity and schools (upon individual requests). They are not linked to a particular charity or school/s. 
Now I wonder …. How many charities and schools are aware of it? 
Emma Albarello 
Emmanuelle Lemoine Interiors 
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