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Our services can include but are not limited to the following: 
-          Space planning 
-          Colour scheme 
-          Lighting plan and specifications 
-          Bespoke furniture 
-          Window treatment 
-          Kitchen planning 
-          Bathroom planning 
-          Turnkey service 
-          Presenting your house for quick and profitable sale 
Design fees 

The fees are agreed after the initial meeting, and depend on the scope of the work. 

All the fee process is completely transparent, there is no surprise, and we work according to your budget. 

For residential clients: 

The first meeting with a potential client is free of charge; this is the opportunity for both parties to see if they are suited to work together. 

After this first meeting there is an initial meeting, which includes the brief, and is charged £75 per hour pro rata deductible against design fee upon commission. From the brief, the scope of the needed work is clarified and the design fee will be detailed in a letter alongside with the contract. 

The design fee includes the sourcing of the design material needed including fabric, wall covering, flooring, and acquisition of samples (samples board and shopping list). 

From this point you can choose to either implement the project yourself or to pass it to us to liaise with the trades, organise the work and supervise until full installation. 

If you are not experienced in implementing design schemes, we would recommend that you commission us to provide full building and decorating specifications for each room. These are highly detailed documents which fully describe the work required by the contractor. They are very helpful for obtaining accurate quotations and are essential for guiding the activities of the contractor during the project. A quote will be given according to the scope of the work. 
The supervision and implementation of the project is subject to another fee, according to work needed.

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