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My local area is full of lovely surprises and here are a full of the loveliest places to go to…

The Calabash of Culture

Here is a fantastic shop recently opened in Sydenham, who cares about your health and the environment. The owners are very nice and committed to their cause. In the shop you will find unique furniture, books, art and sculpture, jewellery… and not to forget their vegetarian café!

21 Sydenham Road, SE26 5EX

Kirkdale Bookshop and Gallery

This is an independent bookshop with lovely staff and books. A must go for all book lover! The shop also organises story reading for younger children and there is always the gallery showcasing local art.

272 Kirkdale – Sydenham, SE26 4RS

Cherry & Ice

Now this is a lovely café where to eat scrumptious cakes and ice creams, and the waffles!!! 

27 Sydenham Road – Sydenham, SE26 5EX

B Cards & Gifts

If you are looking for a card, this is the place to go. The shop is tiny, but an absolute beauty full of all sorts of cards for all occasions and so much better than the cards you can find in big supermarkets! 

16d Dartmouth Road – Forest Hill, SE23 3XU

The best of Both Boutique

Chantel, the owner will help you find whatever you are looking for. The shop is full of classy and original pieces that you can wear in confidence for special occasion, there won’t be another person dressed like you!

71 Dartmouth Road – Forest Hill, SE23 3HT

Aga’s little Deli

This is a welcoming place where you will find delicious things, including coffee, cheeses, bread…. A must try!

49 Datmouth Road – Forest Hill, SE23 3NH Twitter: @AgasLittleDeli

Stag and Bow

If you are all about craft involving threads and needles, this is the shop to go to! The place is beautiful and proposes so many haberdashery items. 

8 Dartmouth Road – Forest Hill, SE23 3XU

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