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The wall paper had suffer from the repeated exposition to water.

In the area leading to the fourth corridor, the space was overcrowded and needed to be re-organised
Upstairs needed attention as well as the main vanity unit looked tired.

The facilities

The scheme is again glamour and sophistication, lady-like.

A lovely wall paper with Swarovski crystals was chosen. The colour of the walls complement perfectly the wall paper colour.

Plenty of mirrors of all shapes and sizes are installed. The frames are gilded in an antique silver finish

There is continuation in the decor with the downstairs, with the colours carried on throughout.

The lighting here again counterbalances the lack of natural light. An interesting lighting is created in the cubicles with a LED strip



There is continuation in the decor with the downstairs area, with the colours carried on throughout

The lighting here again counterbalances the lack of natural light. An interesting lighting is created in the cubicles with a LED strip.

A wooden vanity unit was specially drawn and manufactured for the room.

The taps are automatic electronic mixers, which look particularly good despite their compliance with commercial use.

The bowl shaped hand washing basin are elegant and participate to the overall feminine look of the room.

Guilded oval mirrors complete the look.

Big tiles, which colour matches perfectly the paint colour provide a safe splash back behind the taps.


console table

  • A lovely focal point was created with a console table and a big gilded rectangular mirror framed by two wall lights
  • This is the perfect place to leave your handbag for a minute if you need to retouch your hair or make-up.


The corridor like space leading to the fourth cubicle needed to be re-thought completely.

This space needed to be a private space for ladies to get changed. Privacy is possible with the replacement of the curtains by a sliding door.

The furniture was drawn and manufactured specially for the space. It has a triangular shape for a better and safer traffic flow (no risk to bruise against sharp corner) and provide a space where to leave make up or hair brush.


A stool was made for the sit-down place.

  • The club was very keen to have an environmentally responsible refurbishment, and let us propose and implement more ecological solutions.
  • As a result we awarded the club a certificate for all the green credentials included in this project.

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