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The ladies powder room hadn’t been done for at least 20 years, and its paste glory had long tarnished

The club was also keen to do the refurbishment in an environmentally responsible way.

The club asked us to transform it into a lovely space, that would be in touch with the sophistication of their clientele

Downstairs area, the cloakroom

To create a feeling of space we decided to open up the under the stairs area. The mostly un-used cupboards were removed and a new make-up space was installed.

To accentuate this feeling of space we have installed a mirror on the back wall under the stairs.


Under the stair space

  • The cupboards were removed, living the space free and opened
  • Installation of a table with a well lit mirror, called the make-up space
  • Two drawers were built on the left side to keep some storage


  • A mirror was install on the back wall in order to crate more depth
  • A LED strip was installed under the stairs to light up the area

Here is the new under the stairs area, with its make-up space and stunning lighting.

The cloakroom

  • The colours are feminine and light.
  • lED recessed down lighters provide a very good background lighting
  • The coat hangers are re-installed as before


  • A voile roller blind provides softness to the window and a simple roman blind with a lovely glass trim dress the window elegantly
  • Carpet tiles are fitted, for easy maintenance; they can be replace easily in case of damage
  • The folding mirror is replaced by a foldable double sided mirror, so it is still a mirror when folded


  • As in any project, lighting was of the upmost importance.
  • As the room used to be dark (only one source of natural light) we gave a special attention to the lighting. Many different light sources were used in different layers, including recessed LED lights, wall lights, LED strips, etc.

The stair case was also lit with stair lights,that are not only a beautiful addition, but also create a safe path to go up and down the stairs.

The fittings were installed on the skirting board side of the stairs in order to avoid any possible glare source while standing in the main room.

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