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“For all my design I source environmentally responsible products whenever it is possible: but you can also specify how green you require your project to be. I make sure that the components of my schemes are toxic free, come from a renewable sources and are biodegradable.”

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestor; we borrow it from our children.” Navajo proverb

I feel it is important to offer alternative design that will at the same time be healthy for my client and for the earth.

Sustainable design suggest a macro perspective that addresses the health and well-being of the global ecosystems that support life for both current and future generations.

Green design suggest a micro perspective that addresses the health, safety and well-being of people in the built environment.

Environmentally responsible design, a combination of green and sustainable design, has far-reaching benefits for the planet earth and its inhabitants.

In order to produce an environmental responsible design, I follow the following principles:

  • Integrate design aspects for diverse function, adaptive reuse, and/or disassembly.
  • Design for climate and region
  • Design for durability and longevity
  • Specify materials that use resources more efficiently
  • Use local and regional resources
  • Use products with recycled or salvaged content
  • Specify the least toxic materials and manufacturing processes available 
  • Integrate energy conservation and direct solar energy collection or passive solar, such as day lighting
  • Consider alternative energy sources 
  • Specify alternative, environmentally friendly materials made from renewable content
  • Design for optimal indoor air quality and human health
  • Specify wood from sustainable forestry
  • Research and specify products that are recyclable
  • Adopt the seven Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle, recover, repair, remove and respect
  • Integrate water conservation strategies

LED lights are energy efficient and last for a very long time.

Automatic (water saving) tap plus a tap for drinking water.

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