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Choosing colours for our homes is always a tricky task, thereare so many colours to choose from and we don’t always know how to mix colours together, and how they can impact our moods.

From a neutral colour scheme to a very colourful one, how can we choose?

First we have to take into consideration personal tastes, then there is the room, we shouldn’t forget the exposition of the room nor what the room is going to be used for, its size… So, yes, there are many factors to consider when choosing a colour scheme.

Let’s take the room, if it is a big room, we may want to create a cosy space and use darker and warmer colours, if the room is rather
small, then a light and cold colour may be more suitable to create a feeling of space. The exposition of the room is important as colours will appear differently according to the light given in a room. For example the same colours used in two different rooms may create a different atmosphere according to the exposition of the room. A friend of mine was complaining about this in
her house, where she had used the same colour in the kitchen and in the sitting room. The kitchen is facing south and the colour used looked warm and inviting, whereas in the sitting room facing north the same paint created a rather depressing décor.

The advice is to generally avoid using cold colour in a north facing room as it would create a colder atmosphere, and to be careful to
use warm colours in a south facing room, under a warm climate as this may make the room difficult to leave in, because too warm. But rules are also there to be broken…

Every colour has a specific personality, and if you want to create a relaxing atmosphere, then you should think twice before using a lot of red or orange, which are quite exciting colours. If you want to create a room where a lot is happening and that should keep people moving and doing, then the use of blue may not be the best choice.

So, you can understand why it is sometimes so difficult to choose a colour, why we are hesitant, and why we may find the task challenging and difficult.

If you want to know more about colours, I invite you to one of my free webinar about colours and their personality and how they impact on us. Check the “What’s on” tab and register to the webinar.

Emmanuelle Lemoine

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