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Save time and money by planning ahead!


Too often people call me to help them with decorating theirhouse after they have started purchasing all sorts of furniture and other items, to finally realise that once everything is in their home it just doesn’t give the expected result.

For example, I was once called in by a young couple wanting to get a modern look in their flat. They already had bought sofas and shelving and curtains and… to realise that not only they couldn’t fit all their books in the acquired storage but they couldn’t get the clean modern look they were after. In a word they didn’t manage to solve their design problem.

When you don’t prepare before you go shopping, you don’t realise that a piece of furniture, which looks great in the big space that is a shop, will be far too big for your flat, and that the colours won’t be the same under a more natural lighting.

This is why I always insist on the necessity to plan ahead, get samples and think before buying anything. This is what we, interior
designer do. And if you are struggling with time, than asking help to a professional interior designer will save you money.

Hiring an interior designer allow to avoid this sort of mistake and disappointment, and at the same time save you money!

Another important step is to organise the different stages of work for your project. For example, always think about the lighting at an
early stage, so you can have the electrician come at the beginning. To chase cables, electrician have to make holes and may end up damaging your plastering in order to keep everything within the rules and regulation.

Here again, if you are not sure, ask a professional, as this will save you time and money!

No need to say that you don’t want the electrician to come after you have repainted the walls!

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