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You may dream about having a much bigger living room that includes the kitchen, dining and a sitting area, but you are a bit concerned as how to make it into a cohesive space. The last thing you’d want is to have the feeling of still being in your kitchen while you are trying to relax in your sitting room.

There are a few tricks that make an open plan space work nicely. An open plan kitchen for example is one of my favourite as for me, the kitchen is the heart of the home, it is warm in winter, and always a nice place where the family loves to gather, chat etc. To make an open plan kitchen work it is important to create some zoning, so the different spaces are still a room on their own, even if they are part of a bigger space.

There are different way of creating different zones, you can use colour for example, but be sure you keep it all cohesive. For example, you could imagine having the same background colours and use accent colours in different proportion to differentiate the zones. The kitchen could have red and brown as accent on a neutral background, the dining would have more red as an accent and little brown and the sitting area would have little red and more brown. The three colours are all there (= cohesion) but in different proportion (= zoning).

The use of a rug in a sitting area defines the sitting and relaxing space clearly. An island in a kitchen is also a good way to define the
borders of the kitchen. The lighting will also participate in differentiating the different zones, by its strength, style and by the use of atmospheric lighting in certain places.

So remember the different rooms should keep certain individuality in their character and share a common aesthetic with the other rooms so it is united into a bigger room.

Emmanuelle Lemoine

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