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When you want to design or re-decorate a room, there are
steps you have to go through. The first thing to do is to create a plan drawn
to scale, which will serve you to draw a furniture layout.

Of course, if you only want to change your wall paper, this
is not needed, but as soon as you want to change your furniture round or buy
new furniture, it is a good idea to try your ideas on paper first, as this can
save you from making costly mistakes.

Drawing a plan to scale:

Choose the room you want to work in. Take some draft paper
on which you are going to trace the outline of the room, without forgetting to
include doors and windows. Start at one corner of the room and methodically
take all the measurements that you report on your drawing. Don’t forget to
include the radiators, electric accessories such as plugs, switches, pipes etc.
It also is a good idea to take the ceiling height as well as the skirting
height, windowsills etc. Anything that could influence your scheme should be reported
on this drawing.

After you have measured everything, take a paper with
squares on it, and use tracing paper on top, and start drawing the plan to
scale, transforming the measurements taken in metres into lines in cm onto your
paper. You can find rulers that help you translating your measurements
directly, if you don’t want to calculate.

Once you have finished drawing your plan to scale, you have
a clear view of the space available. You can now draw to scale a view (from the
top) of the different pieces of furniture that you’d like to include in your
room. Cut the shapes of the furniture out and you are ready to play and place
them onto your plan and see what the best configuration is going to be. When
you do this, make sure that you leave enough space for people to walk around in
the room. You want to make sure that the traffic flow is going to be fluid, so
you will avoid crashing into sharp corners and bruising yourself when the
furniture is in place.

The furniture layout is a very important tool as it can be
used as your shopping list. It records all the items that you need for your new
décor, and it can also be very helpful if you decide to have walls painted in
different colours, so you can show it to your decorator and avoid mistakes.

I hope this is helpful, and if you still feel scared by the
process, don’t hesitate to contact us, we more than likely have the right
package to help you with your decoration project.


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